Fulfill Your Curiosity and Visit Tokyos VR Sex Rooms

When it comes to technology Japan is often the first to discover how best to use it. If you visit Tokyo from time to time or on a regular basis you might be interested in a latest attraction. Soft on Demand, a local pornographic producer now has a location where you can rent a private room and read manga, surf the web or watch VR porn.

The location is quite perfect for this new attraction. Akihabara, a district that is well known and popular for anime and video games will now house a place where customers can easily watch a variety of adult content in different forms, including VR.

For now while their grand opening campaign is running visitors can take part in watching VR porn for free for a limited time. The rooms have soundproof walls and provide a clean, ‘fulfilling’ environment. Soon the establishment will charge hourly for visitors to immerse themselves in virtual reality porn.

So how much will you have to pay to enjoy an hour of VR porn? One hour will cost 550 yen ($4.70) but they’ll also give visitors the option of paying for an entire day; 3,150 yen ($26.90).
This company will be the first to add on VR porn to the typical hotel experience for visitors. This will likely take off quite well in Japan since the country tends to get very excited when it comes to porn and pornographic attractions.

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