Holo Girls VR Review

Holo Girls VR is in the business of bringing viewers a close encounter of the XXX variety.  Hot and sexy pornstars rub their pussies in your lap and get fucked in POV right in front of your eyes. The next level of virtual reality immersion is here and it lives at Holo Girls VR.

Before we get into the technical side of Holo Girls VR, let me take a minute to talk about my experience with the site and its video content.  The video library is full of babes – and when I say babes, I mean absolute smoke shows.  I couldn’t keep my eyes off them and their video scenes left nothing to be desired in terms of pleasure experience.

Looking specifically at the videos, they are all HD, as is to be expected from any VR porn site worth it’s salt.  The more accurate factor for determining quality is how good the VR experience actually is.  In this case, the vids are filmed in 3D and up to 200 degrees.  Other sites typically offer mostly 180 degree videos with some offering a full 360.  In my opinion 360 is a bit of a gimmick because when I watch videos I am seated on my couch or in a chair, which makes turning around to look behind me a literal pain in the neck.  220 degree videos are great because I don’t hit or see the edge of the viewable area like I do in many 180 degree videos, but still don’t need to turn around to enjoy everything a scene has to offer.  The 3D offered by Holo Girls VR put me right in the middle of the scene with a great feeling of immersion.  The actresses are well coached and know what they’re doing when it comes to filming scenes specifically for 3D POV virtual reality.  The sex is incredible and the girls know how to move without causing their bodies to become distorted.  I did see some mild blurring on the edges of the videos, which didn’t really bother me due to the 220-degree viewing.

The video library is consistently updated (seems to be about 3 videos every week) and offers a wide range of content themes.  I was able to watch lesbian movies, hardcore movies, solo masturbation videos and some nice interracial scenes.  I’m a connoisseur of POV style videos and Holo Girls VR does not disappoint.  They also have some great voyeur style videos that allowed me to watch from an outside perspective.

If you’re new to the VR porn scene, Holo Girls VR provides a good knowledge base about how to properly watch videos on your viewing device and how to go about downloading the correct video file.

I was also able to search the library and rate videos that I’d watched.  I really liked the organizational aspect of the site which let me choose categories and actresses through a drop down menu or video tags.  When viewing videos, Holo Girls VR even includes a graphic called “best viewed”, which helped me position myself in the best position to properly view the scenes.

The Details

The video catalogue currently contains 144 videos with more on the way every week. Video length averages out at around 20 minutes.  Videos are downloadable in MP4, M4V and 5K formats and playable on Oculus Rift, Gear VR, HTC Vive and Google Cardboard (generic) devices.  Each video also comes with an explicit image gallery showcasing the scene in erotic snapshots. A really great thing is that there is no download limit on video files for paying subscribers.

Billing is also simple and straightforward with Holo Girls VR accepting VISA, Mastercard, Discover, Online Check and JCB.

The cost is as follows:

  • Monthly subscription – $22.00 recurring
  • 3 Month subscription – $53.99 recurring every 3 months
  • Full Year subscription – $179.99 recurring annually
  • Subscribers of the 3-month or yearly packages will receive a free VR headset.

Holo Girls VR definitely makes the cut and gets a passing grade in my books.  Good video library, consistent updates and high quality videos make for an enjoyable and pleasurable experience that provided everything I came for.

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