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    Length:   25:34
    Added:   Feb 20 2018
    FPS:   60
FOV:   180°

High Heels and Lipstick

Presented By: Badoink VR
Some man is sitting at the living room at a physician's office if sexy Alexa Tomas walks into wearing a tight shirt, an extremely shorts, plus some quite sexy heel pumps. She sits across from him spans her long legs, and starts reading a magazine. After a few minutes, since a physician is postponed, Alexa decides to place to a sexy series with this particular guy as she opens her thighs and teases her pussy through her panties. The notion that she's considering setting up with some man she just met gets her so turned on she walks round the waiting room, straddles him will take off her top while she awakens close, makes her sexy eyecontact, and dominates his torso. Recognizing that they can easily get captured at any given moment simply turns them all of the more since she reaches and unhooks her bra, allowing it to collapse of and her fine, flawless tits pop out. She then stands and then wiggles from her shorts subsequently pulls down his pants. She spins and shows her buttocks inside her thong she then backs up it and rubs it against his hardening penis. Alexa knows exactly what she wants so that she drops her panties and provides the guy mind, licking his balls and then yanking her tongue up his shaft. She uses both hands to jack off him until sitting his dick and running her buttocks as she fucks herself with his hard penis. She makes eye contact and yells as she works faster and faster afterward, there at the living area, she cums on his dick. He chooses, standing so they could put her spine and then slam his penis. She's her tits because he fucks her and leaves her cum until turning her again and hitting on it doggystyle. They keep to fuck from the living area, hammering their health together afterward she uses her hands to stroke off him so they could take his load to her hungry mouth. It is the the ideal physician appointment he's needed.